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Donate For Children, Inc. was originally formed by a passionate group of volunteers who were looking to increase their community involvement.  The group is headed by Mr. Hai Tran, an MBA graduate from Golden Gate University.  When Mr. Tran was asked, "What motivated you to start this type of work?" he replied, "My family and I feel that we have been very blessed with our many opportunities and accomplishments.  Therefore, helping those that are less fortunate is our way of giving back. In addition, if you want the younger generations spending time for our community with compassion, dedication, and in a more productive way such as volunteering and charitable activities, you must first show them you are doing it as well."

With its altruistic mission, Donate For Children has received warm support from many individuals, including family members, friends, co-workers, volunteers, and public donors, within the United States and internationally. One of the key factors that has contributed to the success of Donate For Children is its members, not only have they made valuable contributions (donating funds and goods) but also provided their time and efforts voluntary. This allows Donate For Children to minimize overhead and maximize contributions world-wide.


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