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Volunteers - The 'Unsung Heroes'

For non-profit and charitable institutions, volunteers are essential components to the success of an organization. Without  volunteers, a non-profit organization would not be able to accomplish large and wonderous projects. For Donate For Children, Inc. (DFC), volunteers are the 'Unsung Heroes' who really make a difference in the lives of others. These individuals truly inspire many through their compassion and dedication in helping the less fortunate. They make our world a better place and united community.  

At DFC, volunteers not only find that they are just starting an inspirational journey, they also immerse themselves in the lives of those they meet: the volunteers, the unfortunate, the orphaned and disabled children, the workers and helpers at these centers. For many volunteers, it is an educational and transforming experience, unlike any other.

Below are just a few of the many stories volunteers have shared: 

Phan Thi Thu Trang, T.P. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

It was my first time joining DFC’s volunteers to visit orphanages/children centers. Everyone, including I, wore DFC T-shirts. The group looked very organized and structured. With everyone together, I felt a warmness that oozed throughout my body, I knew I was going to do something good that day. 

These volunteers truly moved me. From early sunrise until dusk, and except for ten minutes in between where we spent for lunch, everyone seemed to be working non-stop. Kan, our MC, talked all-day long to show the children stories, pictures, and movies Loc would put up on the projector screen. Jackie and Mai sat on the floor for hours next to the children; they were holding hands of the little orphans, helping them with drawings on poster boards provided by DFC. Other volunteers were all over the place busy with other tasks. Everyone always had a smile on their face; it was such a sweet atmosphere. The volunteers really showed their compassion, commitment, and willingness in helping others.

Frank Tran, Milpitas, California, USA


Seeing the happiness and smiles of every orphan made the exhaustion from a whole day's work worthwhile. This experience has been so valuable, making me truly believe that it is possible to touch the lives of others. What's awe-inspiring is the fact that there are people in this world willing to sacrifice their time and energy for the well-being of others. These are the individuals that make changes.

I urge everyone who is not yet involved in some kind of non-profit organization to get involved! Even a small effort, when made in great numbers, can sum up to a wonderful result.

Jackie Shibata, San Diego, California, USA
Overall, I had a great time going to the orphanages, I wish I could do it all the time. They were so appreciative and it was just so inspiring. The volunteers were all really hard working and so cute with the kids. DFC’s officers in Saigon were incredibly organized and really helped everything run smoothly. The other volunteers were very sweet and did a great job, even our drivers were drawing pictures, holding the kids and helping us pass out food, etc; it was a great team. This is really a great program and I hope that I can help it grow because it has already done so much and I see that there is a lot of good to come that is very much needed and appreciated.  I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this. Thank you DFC for this opportunity. Please let me know if there is any way that I can continue to help out.  

Vo Thi Be Tram, Saigon, Vietnam

I would like to open this passage with my sincere appreciation to Donate For Children (DFC) for the formation of such enriched humanitarian programs that allowed me and other volunteers the opportunity to participate and add hands to those meaningful projects. It was my first time joining DFC’s activities, but I have quickly learned the warmness and hospitality of this big DFC family through the smiles and gestures of DFC representatives in Vietnam. From the first moments, I realized that I had already fall in love with this extent family.
NguyenTran Khanh, Saigon, Vietnam
Just from the beginning when first seen the smiles of DFC volunteers in uniform, I could sense a warm feeling throughout my body. I felt great joy recognizing I was being welcome. The team was very organized and reflected a unique solidarity where each individual was proud to be a member of DFC big family. We carried the common mission: “Bringing Hope to Unfortunate Children.”



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